Our Services

The entire Al Qurashi Travel team is greatly thankful to Allah ﷻ for giving us the opportunity to be proud and honored in providing exceptional Hajj and Umrah services to the Muslim across the globe. We have been providing reliable, excellent and economical Hajj and Umrah packages to our clients for over 10 years, and our experience and commitment paired with our amazing clients has allowed us to continue to grow and improve, guaranteeing you a better experience every time you choose us.

We are also sincerely thankful to our clients who have trusted us in serving them to fulfill their spiritual needs, and you feedback has helped us achieve excellence in this industry by continuing to offer the best Hajj and Umrah packages in the United States and beyond.

Al Qurashi Travel has went to extreme measures through its dedication and commitment to continuously improve the affordable Hajj and Umrah packages we offer you with the most luxurious accommodations, the most serene of transportation options and the most spiritually invigorating activities.

Our entire team has the proper skillset and expertise to be able to accommodate with paramount hospitality groups small and large, entire families and singles, and kids and elders alike. Regardless at what point you may find yourself in your journey you will find us only a few clicks, text or phone call away to provide you assistance, consultation and reassurance on all of your matters.

Choose Al Qurashi Travel today and begin your journey of a lifetime!