Helpful Resources and Documents


Please find below some important documents to help you prepare for your Hajj and/or Umrah. These documents include resources, booklets, checklists and reminders for your travels. 


The booklet below will help you best be aware and prepare for your Hajj. This resource is in both English and Arabic and walks you through everything from preparing at home before you leave to step-by-step tasks when you are at the manaasik and mashaa’ir. The imaams and guides will be responsible to ensure you are conducting these mashaa’ir properly as well, but we also recommend briefly going through the booklet to better familiarize yourself and prepare for what is ahead. 

English Booklet: Manaasik Al Hajj

Arabic Booklet: مناسك الحج


Below you will find two helpful checklists – one for Hajj and one for Umrah. These checklists will help you to properly identify and prepare all of the required items at once. By doing so, this will hopefully save yourself time and effort as well as further ensure that we can have you registered and your spot secured.

For Umrah 2019 – 2020: Umrah Visa Requirements

For Hajj 2020: Hajj Visa Requirements




Our letter doesn’t constitute a diagnosis. ESA letter would be the letter from the accredited wellness expert that has been in control of your emotional or mental disorder therapy. An ESA letter for housing does not need to be within a particular timeframe.

Letter is going to be emailed in a PDF file with regular processing. Your ESA letter is going to be respected by airlines, landlords, and so on, but only as long as it’s supported through an actual, state-licensed doctor. There are 3 different kinds of letters for ESA dogs that are all for different purposes and each of them must be issued by a mental health professional.