Terms & Conditions

AlQurashi Travel Terms & Conditions


The following constitutes a contractual agreement betweenAl Qurashi Worldwide tourism, Hajj & Umrah LLC, hereinafter referred to asAl Qurashi Travel or us, and the purchaser of any of our hajj programs,hereinafter referred to as “customer.” Value Hajj Acceptance of such agreementcan be accomplished through written signature on the contract or throughperformance, which is purchase of one of our Hajj and Umrah packages. Bypurchasing a hajj package or signing our terms & conditions customerwarrants:

1.Reservation / Deposits/ Fees: Al Qurashi Travelaccepts checks, money orders, wire transfers and cash. Your payment is notdeemed made until it is received by Al Qurashi Travel. For Umrah, Full paymentmust be received to complete registration, for Hajj an initial 50% ofpackage per person upon registration for standard Hajj packages. Yourbooking is not confirmed until the deposit is cleared by AlQurashi Travel bankand you receive confirmation of your booking from Al Qurashi Travel. Pleasereview and verify your booking invoice thoroughly and contact your travel agentor Al Qurashi Travel immediately if your invoice appears to be incorrect orincomplete, as it may not be possible to make changes later. Please be advisedthat once your visa has been processed, there will be NO refunds available forthe package(s) you have purchased. Hajj fees issued by the Kingdom of SaudiArabia are additional to and not included in any package or programs.

2.Cancellation policy: For any cancellation receivedby Al Qurashi Travel, refund will be provided to customer while deducting allreservation costs that was paid by Al Qurashi. Cancellation must be received inwriting.

3. Warranty: Al Qurashi Travel is an Agent providercannot be held liable for any and all claims that may arise from its vendors.Vendors include but are not limited to, Hotels, Airlines, Transportationcompanies, Consulate offices, Embassies, and government service providers inMina, Arafat and Muzdalifa. Al Qurashi Travel recommends that customers obtainand review the warranties provided by the vendors if any such situation shallarise situations which Al Qurashi Travel are not liable include but are notlimited to: Cleanliness & upkeep of Hotel Rooms, denial of or availabilityof visa from consulate, delayed flights, Mina & Arafat tent locations andelectrical power, Arafat bathroom conditions, Air Conditioning units in Mina,and stalled or damaged buses.

 4. Insurance:  Al Qurashi Travel advises all customers toobtain travelers insurance prior to departure for any of our tour packages.Many of the issues that may arise which customer will have no recourse againstAl Qurashi Travel may be remedied by purchase of Travelers insurance.Situations which may be aided by possession of travelers insurance include butare not limited to: Lost luggage, Medical Expenses, personal expenses and lastminute cancelations.

5. Lost Luggage: Al Qurashi Travel is not responsiblefor any stolen luggage or personal items for the durations any of our packages.Al Qurashi Travel is not responsible for any lost luggage by the Airline orduring customer transit from airport to hotel in Saudi Arabia. Al QurashiTravel recommends customer purchases insurance to protect themselves shouldsuch a situation arise. Al Qurashi Travel will handle customer luggage duringcertain portions of the journey. Should luggage be lost while in the care of AlQurashi Travel, they will provide compensation for the lost bag. Customer islimited to one bag per person, any additional bags brought by client will notbe covered. Al Qurashi Travel will compensate client based on value of goodslost for said bag, at a maximum of $200 per bag.

6. Safety & Health Customer understands that Tourpackages are often held in developing and undeveloped countries, due to thisthere are many unknown and inherent risks associated with embarking on journeysof this nature. Customer acknowledges that Al Qurashi Travel cannot be heldresponsible for any damages resulting from any acts including but not limitedto: negligence of Vendor, political unrest and forces of nature.Furthermore,  Al Qurashi Travel’s staff,are not qualified to provide medical assistance should the need arise. AlQurashi Travel will take all reasonable efforts to assist any and all injuredcustomers. However, customers will not hold Al Qurashi Travel responsible forinability to treat or care for customer. In addition Al Qurashi Travel is notresponsible for delays in arrival of medical personnel. Customer understandsthat many of our tour packages involve long and exhausting walks. Particularlyour hajj packages, can take an exhausting physical toll on any and allcustomers regardless of physical condition. Customers with prior physicalconditions are required to make disclosure to Al Qurashi Travel staff prior todeparture. Al Qurashi Travel will do it’s best to accommodate customers withhealth conditions, however by purchasing a package from Al Qurashi Travel,customer warrants that they are able to complete and participate in all aspectsof said package. Should customer be unable to participate in any aspects of ourtour packages, it is customer’s responsibility to find a companion to assistthem.

7. Governing law & General Information Customeragrees to be subject first to neutral party mediation followed by arbitrationunder the ABA, if necessary, and then seek remedy in formal trial proceedings.Customer understands that they must file any and all claims against Al Qurashitravel within one year of completion of hajj. Customer voluntarily agrees towaive any right to punitive damages. This agreement contains the entireagreement of the parties and supersedes all prior or contemporaneousnegotiations, correspondence, understandings and agreements between theparties, regarding the subject matter of this Agreement This Agreement may beamended by Al Qurashi Travel or authorized and staff. Al Qurashi Travel advisescustomer to periodically check our website to make sure they have the most upto date version prior to departure. If any of these conditions are invalid or unenforceable,it will be struck out and the remaining terms will remain in force. If AlQurashi Travel fails to act in relation to a breach by you or others of theseTerms & Conditions, this does not waive our right to act with respect tosubsequent or similar breaches. This agreement may be executed in counterparts,all of which taken together shall constitute one agreement binding on allparties, notwithstanding that all the parties are not signatories to theoriginal or the same counterpart. Each party shall become bound by theAgreement immediately upon affixing his or its signature hereto, independentlyof this signature of any other party.

8. Hajj Guide Sheet & Tips Al Qurashi TravelAdvises, the views held by the assigned scholar do not necessarily reflect theviews of Al Qurashi Travel. Furthermore Al Qurashi Travel does not guarantee orwarrant, the availability, linguistic ability, Mazhab views of the assignedScholar. One Scholar assigned per group, some groups may have just a scholar,or just a group leader, or both.